This is the documentation for {{shortcut}} and its sister templates.

{{shortcut-l}} flows to the left of the page and {{shortcut}} flows to the right.

Usage[derekti jańalaw]

These templates are mainly used on pages and talk pages in the Wikipedia, Help and Portal namespaces. These templates inform about the shortcuts available to the page they are on. For example, WP:SHORT redirects to Wikipedia:Shortcut and therefore Wikipedia:Shortcut has a shortcut box listing WP:SHORT.

The point of these templates is not to list every single redirect (indeed, that's what Special:Whatlinkshere is for); for any given page, instead they should list only one or two common and easily-remembered redirects.

These templates can take up to 5 shortcuts as parameters.

For policy pages you can use {{policy shortcut}} which takes up to 10 shortcuts as parameters.

Examples[derekti jańalaw]

Code Result

Anchors[derekti jańalaw]

These boxes automatically adds anchors. If a shortcut box with the shortcut WP:SHORT is placed on the page Wikipedia:Shortcut then the link Wikipedia:Shortcut#WP:SHORT will take you to the position in the page where that shortcut box is placed.

For instance, try this link: Template:Shortcut#WP:SHORT

Thus if you make a shortcut for a section of a page then you can use the anchor in the shortcut redirect. Like this:

#REDIRECT [[Pagename#WP:SHORT]] {{R from shortcut}}

See also[derekti jańalaw]

  • Wikipedia:Shortcut – The how-to guide and guideline about how and when to create shortcuts and shortcut boxes. A must-read for anyone handling shortcuts.
  • {{shortcut-l}} – For left aligned normal shortcuts.
  • {{policy shortcut}} – For shortcuts to sections of policy pages.
  • {{template shortcut}} – Use this one to show the names of shortcuts/redirects to a template.