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about assigning some pages in Karakalpak wikipedia to be deleted category[derekti jańalaw]

Merhaba! Karakalpakdan selamlar! Beni turceyim iyi degil, therefore from here I will write in English. I'm an administrator of Karakalpak Wikipedia. I saw that you have allocated [Kategoriya:Diniy ag'ımlar] and [Kategoriya:İslam] categories to [Kategoriya:Candidates for speedy deletion]. I wanted to just know the reasons. Tesekkur ederim. Atabek 04:38, 2010 j. oktyabrdin' 12 (UTC)

Merhabalar. Dünyadaki tüm Türk kardeşlerimize selamlar olsun. Ben de Karakalpakça bilmiyorum :) I saw this wikipedia and I wanted to contribute as much as possible. These categories is not used, so these are not necessary. I'm also admin and bureaucrat in Turkish Wiktionary. So, I've a lot of experiences... If a category isn't used, it had better been deleted... Ben de teşekür ederim, işin gerçekten zor, (your job is too hard) iyi çalışmalar... Best regards :)--Sabri76 17:21, 2010 j. oktyabrdin' 12 (UTC)
Yes, those categories are not used yet, as unfortunately, Karakalpak Wikipedia is still passive. But I created them because they are in the Kategoriyalar section of main page, and it is not beautiful when you have 'red' links in your main page :-). I think, with time these categories will be used, as they are very common. Thanks. Atabek 00:07, 2010 j. oktyabrdin' 15 (UTC)