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Attention: Please do not Subst: this template.

{{Disambig}} is placed at the bottom of articles which exist to help readers find other articles with similar names (or which perhaps should have the same name). This concept is called Disambiguation and is used with common words such as cross, life, and work. This template automatically adds articles to Category:Disambiguation.

In the event that the page title is causing an error, such as what happened at ***, add the parameter page-title=, followed by the page's title. Thus the page *** currently uses the syntax {{disambig|page-title=***}}.

This is the most general-purpose disambiguation template; consider using a more-specific alternative if one exists. These include:

For those who can't remember the name

[derekti redaktorlaw]

For those who can't remember how the name is abbreviated, the templates {{disambiguation}}, {{disambig}} and {{dab}} all redirect to {{disambig}}