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Infobox Website

Usage[derekti jańalaw]

{{Infobox Website
|name           = 
|logo           = 
|screenshot     = 
|caption        = 
|url            = 
|commercial     = 
|type           = 
|language       = 
|registration   = 
|owner          = 
|author         = 
|launch date    = 
|current status = 
|revenue        = 
|slogan         =

Parameters[derekti jańalaw]

Note: Do not link to an article more than once in the infobox. All parameters are optional except url, type, owner, and author. See also WP:WEB.

Parameter Explanation
name The websites most recognised name.
logo The website logo.
screenshot A screenshot of the entire homepage, see Example 1/Example 2.
caption Caption saying screenshot of <website> name as of <date>
url The most used URL of the website, use Alexa to find the most used URL, e.g. http://www.wikipedia.org/ (required)
type The type of website, search for similar sites for an idea. (required)
language The language(s) the website is available in
registration Is there registration, none/optional/required?
owner The current owner, company name/persons name/alias etc (required)
author The person or entity that originally created the website (required)
launch date When the website was launched, consider using the WHOIS data as a last resort if you are unable to determine the launch date.
current status Is the site online/offline/sold etc
revenue The approximate revenue of the site.
slogan The slogan of the website, e.g. "the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit."

Example[derekti jańalaw]

Wikipedia logo.
Detail of Wikipedia's multilingual portal. Here, the project's largest language editions are shown.
URL http://www.wikipedia.org/
Commercial? No
Type of site Internet encyclopedia project
Registration Optional
Owner Wikimedia Foundation
Created by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger

{{Infobox Website
|name         = Wikipedia
|logo         = [[Image:Wikipedia-logo.png|48px|Wikipedia logo.]]
|screenshot   = [[Image:Www.wikipedia.org screenshot 2018.png|280px|Detail of Wikipedia's multilingual portal. Here, the project's largest language editions are shown.]]
|url          = http://www.wikipedia.org/
|commercial   = No
|location     = [[Miami, Florida]]
|type         = [[Internet encyclopedia project]]
|registration = Optional
|owner        = [[Wikimedia Foundation]]
|author       = [[Jimmy Wales]] and [[Larry Sanger]]

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